The Finished Saddle Mount

I recently uploaded some pictures from my camera, and I realized I hadn’t posted about the final steps of the saddle mount I was making.

After the Ethafoam support had been covered with quilting batting, I draped a pattern out of muslin so when I covered it with the flannel it would fit very snug and hold everything in it’s place. After the flannel, I used the pattern to make another piece out of dark brown velvet that would cover it all and look nice. I had to make sure all my seams were either not visible or if they were to be seen that they were very neatly stitched.

So, I was going to post those pictures that spurred the idea of this rant, but WordPress has decided not to do that today (and I even logged out, waited 2 hours and tried again). Perhaps I’ll edit this again whenever they fix whatever’s broken.

I guess I’ll just make it a Friday post (assuming it works tomorrow), since it’s well after midnight now…

Edit – 5/10/2008

Looks like I can upload pictures again. Yay! Here are the saddle mount pictures:

Pinning the velvet in place. Lots of pins…

Saddle with velvet

The finished saddle mount:

Saddle Mount 2


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